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  • This is a list of projects currently being worked on by Standards Australia's Standards Development Team.

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  • The constitution of a Technical Committee consists of the Nominating Organisations that represent various interest groups across the industries. These Nominating Organisations are currently participating in Standards Australia’s Standards Development activity. The Nominating Organisation appoints a representative to represent the views of that organisation’s interest group during the development of a Standard.

  • Standards Australia participates in Standards development with the International standards bodies as listed below.

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    • IEC

      Rotating machinery

  • Below is the list of current Standards developed and published by Standards Australia. This list does not display the obsolete, superseded, available superseded and withdrawn Standards. The published Standards are documents that set out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they are intended to.

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    Publication Title
    • AS 60034.11-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Thermal protection

    • AS 60034.1-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Rating and performance

    • AS 60034.12-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Starting performance of single-speed three-phase cage induction motors

    • AS 60034.17-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Cage induction motors when fed from converters - Application guide

    • AS 60034.22-2010

      Rotating electrical machines - AC generators for reciprocating internal combustion (RIC) engine driven generating sets

    • AS 60034.26-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Effects of unbalanced voltages on the performance of three-phase induction motors

    • AS 60034.5-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Degrees of protection provided by the integral design of rotating electrical machines (IP Code) - Classification

    • AS 60034.7-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Classification of types of construction, mounting arrangements and terminal box position (IM Code)

    • AS 60034.8-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Terminal markings and direction of rotation

    • AS 60034.9-2009

      Rotating electrical machines - Noise limits

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